We are all about TYE DIE. It's a part of our identity as we love its creativity and ability to create unique one of a kind pieces. It supports our small batch ideology of slow fashion, creating in tiny batches of limited edition pieces.

We decide our color pallet based on our surroundings - getting inspiration from the natural elements of the Costa Rican beaches and wildlife. With this, we create without any real plan, we dye based on how we are feeling in that moment. We hand mix our colors using dyes that we source in country, stumbling on new effects as we go! So our dye evolves as we do, ever changing. 

We work with local girls to create each piece, building dye workshops in the tropical jungles of Nosara. Our pieces air dry in the Costa Rican jungle heat and we feel this adds to its specialness! 

We believe the imperfections are what make our dyes perfectly imperfect. If you want a handcrafted item, we're your guys.

Each piece takes a few days to create, as we leave the product to process over night. It is not mass produced but mostly created by one or two ladies running their own workspace at the back of the store.


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