After 12 years in Costa Rica & Nicaragua, what we adore most is working with the local communities. We only employ locals, we create using as much local materials and craftsmanship as possible, and we pride ourselves on being the bridge between the mass markets coming into contact with unique, ethically made, locally sourced product that has heart and charm.


We care about the environment, we care about using sustainable materials and we care about creating a quality product that is sensitive to the current global situation. Every single one of our cotton items is made from upcycled fabric which we personally source in Central America. It is because of this that we only produce in very small, limited edition batches as we buy in tiny, random quantities, or 'off cuts'. We buy the fabric waste from huge factories and intercept the cotton on its way to landfill. So essentially we make all of SOLI clothing from 'waste'. We love this about our brand. We are trying to create using a conscious global footprint. Even though we are tiny, we like to think we are doing our part to be a sustainable and conscious clothing company.



We design everything in house and put all of our love and passion into our pieces. From the graphics and clothing cuts, to the leather and silver designs. We only make what we want to wear and what we are passionate about. Our product is inspired by the local beaches and the eclectic mix of traveler's we see visiting these unique locations. As we design everything ourselves, we steer our creations in the direction of what local organic materials are available to us. This as well as partnering with local artesans brings our ideas to life with authentic rustic charm. It wasn't always easy, there were lots of obstacles to overcome, but working your way around these obstacles only makes a more soulful, wholesome product. We monitor all aspects of our production, from sizing and stitching to sublimation tones and embroidery.



We own our own ethical, family ran factory in a tiny rural town in Nicaragua. Over the past 5 years we have grown very tight bonds with the staff who create our product and are now able to employ more people which provides income and security for many local families. As we own our own production we can safely say that we are ethical, pay fair wages and ensure a happy, loving work environment.



We want to use our platform for good, which is why we have launched our brand new SI FOR SEE foundation. Using our sunglasses collection as well as other products in our stores to raise money and provide optical eyewear to those less fortunate in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. After living in Central America for 12 years, we have worked in many remote communities helping to bring building supplies, education and employment to people who live remotely and have less opportunities and resources than others. It was this combined with our work with the NPH orphanage in Jinotepe, Nicaragua that has inspired us to create our foundation. Working with those beautiful souls was nothing but magical. The idea was brewing for years, and now we have opened our third SOLI store in Costa rica, we have decided it is time to launch our foundation to provide optical eyewear to those in need.