We are physically based in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and we have been here for over a decade. Our designs are inspired by extreme beauty of the Central American coast, and we create SIBÙ through our love of this special part of the planet. The name comes from ancient Costa Rican mythology, SIBÙ being the creator of Earth and humanity, and the god of wisdom and values. Sibù is a culture hero, who taught what foods are safe to eat, how to plant crops and gave the Awápa ritual language and magic stones.


We believe it is our moral duty as a brand to be sustainable and as locally resourceful as possible, to do our part in reducing the global footprint of the clothing industry. By buying SIBÙ you are supporting ethical clothing production of a brand who employs local workers, sources local materials, and distributes locally to help boost the infrastructure of the economy in which we operate. We are advocates of reversible swim and encouraging minimal waste - by buying reversible you are getting 2 outfits in one! 


All of our items are ethically made in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We create SIBÙ product in our very own sewing house which we created 2 years ago, right here in Central America. We teamed up with a family ran sewing house, meaning that we provide jobs and financial stability for our small team of workers and their families. We personally visit our team regularly, which is why we can ensure to you that all of our product is made within fair trade working standards, by a happy and loyal workforce. By using local Artesans to bring our pieces to life, we are intertwining our designs and patters, with their traditional techniques to create the fusion of craftsmanship that we sell today.


We do not believe in large scale production. We believe in small batch, limited edition runs, evolving our product as we go. This way we stay fresh, inventive and true to our ideas of beachwear and the Central American pura vida vibe.


We use upcycled fabric to create our tees, tanks and dresses. We personally go and buy offcuts from big factories and buy their waste. This is why our colours always change, and our items are limited edition. We find this adds to the charm of buying ethical upcycled clothing.

Thank you for choosing SIBÙ WEAR!